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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  What items may I sell to Piedmont Books?

Answer:   While we specialize in used books (books, comic books, graphic novels etc.), CDs, DVDs (and blu-ray) and video games, we will consider just about anything, including electronics, toys and games and vinyl.  We will consider buying just about anything.

Question:  What is Piedmont Books' trade policy?

Answer:   Any items that you purchased directly from us, which were not on clearance, you may trade in and receive a guaranteed 50% credit towards a future purchase.*  You may also trade items not purchased from us, however, those items are accepted based on customer demand, condition, current inventory etc.  *This policy is subject to change without notice.

Question:  Does Piedmont Books pay cash for books?

Answer:    Yes, we offer cash for most things we buy.  We also present to you a separate trade credit offer, which will always be more than your cash offer.  At Piedmont Books you may choose cash or credit; it's up to you.

Question:   Do I need an appointment to bring merchandise to sell?

Answer:     You do not need an appointment to bring items to us.  We buy from our customers from open until close. 

Question:   Does Piedmont Books buy/sell hardcover books?

Answer:     Yes, we buy and sell hardcover books, however, we generally limit hardcover inventory to non-fiction and very select fiction authors/titles.


Question:   Is there a limit to the amount of merchandise I may sell to Piedmont Books?

Answer:    There is no limit to what we will buy...we are always looking to buy cool stuff.


Question:   Can Piedmont Books locate a particular book for me?

Answer:     YES!  If you want it and we don't have it, we'll get it for you.


Question:   Why should I choose Piedmont Books?

Answer:     There are many reasons for you to choose Piedmont Books.  Our low overhead allows us to keep prices low while also paying you more for your items than anyone else.  Our goal is to provide fast, friendly, personalized service and to make each and every customer feel genuinely appreciated for choosing Piedmont Books.  We are a family-owned, locally-operated store.


Piedmont Books
3800 Reynolda rd. (Old Town Shopping Ctr.)Winston-Salem, NC27106US
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